All Saltwater series boats are Naval architect designed and computer plasma cut. This allows for a...unrivaled boat design.








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The Saltwater series of Ironwood Boats are not only tough and beautiful, but also extremely functional. When you ride in these boats, you'll notice a difference in the feel. These boats cut through water more smoothly and with less spray.

This superior performance is possible due to special modifications made to the design of the hull. These modifications include the following:
  1. The hull starts with less deadrise at the transom, giving more stability to the boat. Then near the bow, the angle becomes much steeper than other aluminum boats, allowing the boat to better cut through water.
  2. The addition of a 45 degree flare to the front side plates. This creates greater deck space while at the same time, allowing the boat to have superior buoyancy. This greater buoyancy is used when conditions become rough enough that you need to slow your speed. At this point the greater buoyancy allows the boat to ride the waves better than other designs. Thus, less water gets into your boat.
  3. The hulls are built heavier through the use of framing and heavier plating. We even add ballast to some boats for better stability and a smoother ride

All Saltwater series boats are Naval architect designed and CNC plasma cut. This allows for a finer and more refined hull shape that gives you a smoother, drier ride in rough conditions. 

Feel free to come and take a look and we'll show you the extra thought we put into all our boats. Come see the beauty for yourself! Call us at (604) 520-0014 to arrange for a time.


Deadrise: angle of the hull plate in relation to the horizontal.

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